Retire pen and paper for managing your aged care food services in 30 days.

And unlock next-level compliance and operational efficiency with the only smart catering tool your staff will actually want to use.

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Retire pen and paper to eliminate risks

Food plays a very important role in making every day better for aged care residents. Relying on pen and paper to manage your food services exposes your organisation to health risks and keeps you in the dark of what's going on.

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Unlock next-level compliance and operational efficiency

Embrayse is an easy-to-use smart catering solution to help you unlock next-level compliance with Australian Aged Care Quality Standards for food and nutrition and operational efficiency in your residential aged care food services, that elevates the quality of care for your clients.

Your teams will love you for it

We know that training your teams on new tools can be hard. Because of this, we've doubled down our efforts to design the best and most intuitive user-experience for management of food and nutrition services. We've worked with clinical and hospitality staff from multiple aged care homes across Australia, to create a tool that is easy to learn and use, and helps you finally retire pen and paper once and for all.

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  • Designed for aged care homes
  • Easy to learn and easy to use
  • Integration with clinical systems
  • We'll help you get up and running
  • No lock-in contract, 60-day full refund policy
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"While you remain on paper, you are in the dark to your business operations"

Quality of Care

What do they like? How should we prep it? Do they have allergies? A better resident experience that unlocks the power of choice while keeping safety top of mind.

Embrayse app with lunch menu item selection open showing images of meals

Resident Dietary Profiles

Extensive resident profiles capture every aspect of eating needs and preferences, from allergies and IDDSI textures, to dislikes, special utensils, and more.


Go beyond the basics and capture more about orders, from custom notes to portion sizes. Advanced features like “regular order items” give valuable time back to your teams.

Lunch menu displayed on a TV screen automatically

Smart Safety Warnings

Add a crucial safety net around meal orders, using the smart safety warnings on allergies, food textures, and medical conditions.

TV Menu Boards

Build excitement around your menu using fully automated and beautifully presented TV menu boards which highlight upcoming meal services.


Collect feedback from residents about their meals and their dining experience to promote continuous improvement and ensure resident satisfaction.

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Operational Efficiency

Stop relying on memory and paper. Access resident nutritional preferences and meal plans across facilities, and work seamlessly with clinicians and kitchen staff to keep your residents healthy and safe.

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Menu Planner

Planning weekly and seasonal menus, across facilities, has never been easier with our powerful menu copying feature.


Print restaurant-style dockets with full details of residents’ orders and dietary restrictions to build confidence that you’re getting every plate right, every time.

Kitchen Reports

The prep report helps your kitchen staff focus with the exact information they need using summaries, special notes, and intelligent filters.

Recipes and Nutrition

Improve meal quality with our recipe builder and comprehensive ingredient database and review per-serving nutrition facts on the fly.

From prep to docket

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Comply with
Aged Care Standards

Stay on top of the new Aged Care standards for food services by replacing manual processes, improving efficiencies and unlocking insights into your residents and service.

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We provide support with integrations to your clinical systems to minimise duplication and the chance of mistakes.

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We provide you with key reports to keep you on top of your compliance needs and make informed business improvement decisions. We can also connect your data with other platforms such as PowerBI.

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We build everything with security in mind. With the use of Single Sign-On (SSO), role-based access, Australian-based data servers, and IRAP-certified services; we ensure that you and your residents’ data stay secure.

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Business continuity

Real-time database backups and automatically generated printable PDFs of orders ensure that your kitchen is uninterrupted even when technology lets you down.

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Easy to learn

Embrayse is specifically designed to be simple to use by staff with little technology background. New users can learn and use the app effectively with little to no training.

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Success Stories

Don't just hear it from us.


Environmental Services / Administration Manager


“As a person who has worked in the Aged Care industry for 32 years, I have seen many changes occur. One being the Embrayse system for Aged Care. Never in all my years would I think that a software product like this would streamline the dining experience like it does.

The program itself is easy to use. The Embrayse team support with the setting up of the software and training and are only a phone call away, when issues arise. The Residents enjoy being able to make choices of the meal they receive, down to if they want certain vegetables on the menu for that day or prefer something different to what is on the menu. As it "talks" to our current clinical software, our Residents preferences, modified meal textures and meal size are so easily accessible. Paper is less wasted. The printing of the ticket system allows staff to quickly refer to these for ensuring the right meal and size is given to the Residents. Minimising confusion and saving time in meal service. It is just like ordering room service in a hotel and having it delivered to your area of choice.

I am so glad we have gone with the Embrayse system for our menu options. After 32 years, this process makes it much easier to ensure our Residents are happy and that is what matters.”


Ancillary Supervisor

Matthew Flinders Home

“Moving from a completely paper based menu and ordering system to Embrayse has evolved just as wonderfully and seamlessly as I had hoped. It made complete sense to make the move from an old fashioned paper system to a modern, easy and suitable way of preparing menus, taking and collating our orders. The program has been easily adopted by all staff and we can’t even imagine doing it the old paper-based way.

Embrayse ticks all the boxes in a menu and ordering system. The more I learnt about the Embrayse program, I knew that it was exactly what I was looking for. It is extremely user friendly and even staff with limited computer skills have had quickly learnt their way around the program. Our Care Recipients absolutely love the menu board in the dining room! It has become a real talking point. Taking menu orders with the CR’s has actually become an interactive activity that many CR’s now look forward to. It is so helpful having the menu photos on the iPad. Being able to show the CR’s an actual picture of the meal (rather than print) really assists them in understanding what is on offer and independently making choices.

The ongoing support from Embrayse has been second to none. Questions and queries are resolved promptly. I’m learning more about the program every day and it’s been a fantastic tool in communication and transfer of information between clinical staff and kitchen staff.”


Kitchen, Laundry and Services Manager

Manor Court Werribee

“The Embrayse team has been an absolute pleasure to work with and are always there if the need for assistant arises. Embrayse was something staff were a bit skeptical of initially, but since then they have liked the capabilities and what can be achieved.

The system is very easy to use and understand. It makes setting up menu and resident dietary requirements a great deal easier. We now have evidence of what a resident is receiving food wise and if they have any allergies without the need for a paper trail.”

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We'll help you get up and running

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2. Retire Pen & Paper

We work with you to setup your service for success with simple implementation and onsite training

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3. Unlock Operational Efficiency

Empower your teams, delight your residents, and unlock next-level compliance and operational efficiency.

Pay as you scale

No hidden costs, no lock-in contracts.
60-day full refund policy


per bed,
per month

$5,000 one-time service setup fee for implementation and onsite training. $3,000 for each additional facility.

  • Unlimited meals
  • Unlimited staff accounts
  • Onsite training
  • Phone support (during business hours)
  • 24/7 Email support

Monthly subscription and implementation fee do not include hardware device purchases (eg. tablets and receipt printers).

All prices are in Australian Dollars and exclude GST.

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In our 60 minute demo we will:

- work with you to understand your needs,
- walk you through our smart catering app,
- share insights and success stories,

and discuss next steps to help you retire pen and paper and unlock next-level operational efficiency.

Why us?

Embrayse was established in 2021 and has been adopted by providers across Australia and the UK. We have deep expertise in aged care and software development and have rolled out new features and updates aligned with the aged care reform agenda, including the revised Aged Care Quality Standards.

We understand it’s not easy to run an aged care home viably these days. Embrayse's mission is to deliver you a tangible return on investment by creating measurable value through operational efficiencies, reduced waste and improved resident experience and outcomes.


User experience means everything to us. We build software that is intuitive and simple to use for your team and your residents.


We have extensive experience in developing Human Centred digital solutions for many industries, and have expertise working with aged care providers across Australia.

Reliable Team

We have a long term vision and an agile approach. We work closely with you to identify challenges and come up with the right solutions.

Customer Success

Your success is our main goal. We’ll work with you, train your team, and provide ongoing support to make sure you get tangible value from your investment.

Data Privacy

We ensure all your data is stored securely and privately, and that you are compliant with Australian data privacy laws.


We strive to help you stay at the forefront of digital transformation in aged care.

Made in Australia

We are an Australian aged care tech company based in Brisbane, Queensland 🇦🇺