Delight your residents with a personalised food experience

A simple and intuitive catering app for aged care homes to help you and your team create menus, take orders on the go, prep and fulfil meals.

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Time for a change

Food plays a very important role in making every day better for aged care residents.

Resident dietary needs and preferences are becoming increasingly more complex and safety and nutrition are emerging as critical areas for quality and compliance.

We’ve set out to build a simple and focused solution to help you and your teams transform the way residents and staff manage daily meal orders.

Know your residents, show you care

What do they like? How should we prep it? Do they have allergies? Stop relying on memory and paper with access to resident nutritional preferences to help them choose their meals and minimise safety risks.

Take orders on the go

Gone are the days of paper tick-sheets and laminated cards. Let your residents choose their meals from a full menu including pictures and blurbs from the chef to deliver a gourmet experience.

Plan your meals

We won’t tell you what to cook but we’ll sure make it easier to create meals and plan menus ahead of time.

Prep and serve

Ready to plate? Every order placed is available in a production summary designed to help your kitchen staff know what to cook, for whom and when. Print tickets and attach them to trays so everyone stays in the know.

Empower your teams

Replace manual processes and improve efficiencies by simplifying menu creation, order taking, kitchen fulfilments, plating instructions, and inventory management with a single tool specifically designed to help your team delight your residents.

“Good food, better living”

Balanced diets are essential to physical and mental wellness. When coupled with great smells, presentations, textures and dining experiences, it can have a powerful impact on making everyday better.

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Pay as you scale

No hidden costs, no lock-in contracts.
60-day full refund policy.
per bed
per month

$5,000 one-time service setup fee for implementation and onsite training

+$3,000 for each additional service

  • Unlimited meals
  • Unlimited staff accounts
  • Onsite training
  • Phone support (business hours)
  • 24/7 Email Support

Monthly subscription and implementation fee do not include hardware device purchases (eg. tablets and receipt printers)

All prices are in Australian Dollars and exclude GST.

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Why us?

We understand how complex and challenging food management at aged care homes can be and what the risks are if mistakes are made. We strive to help eliminate cumbersome manual tasks so that you can focus on the right problems.


User experience means everything to us. We build software that is intuitive and simple to use for your team and your residents.


We have extensive experience in developing Human Centred digital solutions for many industries, and have expertise working with aged care providers across Australia.

Reliable Team

We have a long term vision and an agile approach. We work closely with you to identify challenges and come up with the right solutions.

Customer Success

Your success is our main goal. We’ll work with you, train your team, and provide ongoing support to make sure you get tangible value from your investment.

Data Privacy

We ensure all your data is stored securely and privately, and that you are compliant with Australian data privacy laws.


We strive to help you stay at the forefront of digital transformation in aged care.

Poya Manouchehri
Chief Executive Officer
Roshani Manouchehri
Aged Care Strategist
Rod Sampera
Head of Product
We are an Australian aged care tech startup based in Brisbane, Queensland

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